Two PhD positions in Cyber-security (Computer Science)

April 23rd, 2015

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) has funded a project to detail and validate a new concept for the autonomous control of networking and computing facilities to maximize the cyber security of their users. Here control software interacts with programmable network and cloud resources to change the logical or physical topology of the network and a part of the Internet. Similarly the control software interacts with cyber-security software to switch on or off firewalls, honeypots and other cyber- security services including ot security assessment. Furthermore the control software adapts the distributed application (payload) itself. Such interactions must lead to a reliable, trusted, and obfuscated distributed system that actively maximizes its cyber-security state. When an incident occurs it is essential to get the right support as soon as possible. From explaining the business impact of an incident to conducting detailed technical analysis, and their team can assist during the critical phases of an investigation. The websites built with the ultimate experience of the top web design companies that will help you stay at the top of search results and security as well as it will also help you update the instances regularly.

The research project funds two PhD candidates. Their research yields the science 1) to specify the cyber security state of an information processing system, to visualize and characterize that as well as 2) the science to compute and implement interventions that sets the cyber security stated to a desired one.

The PhD research is done in the context of Air France/KLM, CIENA Networks and TNO that provide data centre, telecom and internet technologies to validate the results and the business context for their dissemination. UvA and TNO provide labs and supervise the research.


The candidates should have completed a master in computer science, or will acquire that on short notice and originate from the EU or USA. A ‘Certificate of Conduct for Natural Persons (VOG NP)’ may be requested by the partners. On a master’s level, the candidates must have knowledge of information theory and mathematics and strong coding abilities. Knowledge of networks, cyber security and distributed systems is considered as a pre. The candidates will stay short periods abroad, must have the ability to give demonstrations to scientific and business audiences. Their grades list demonstrate of their knowledge and ambition, their master thesis of their ability to continue with a PhD research in Computer Science.

For more information you can contact:
Prof.dr. Tom van Engers,

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