Alexander Boer


Legal Knowledge Management/Computational Legal Theory
Room: REC A6.05 (Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, building REC A)
Phone: +31-(0)20-5253499

Disclaimer: As a matter of principle I do not use reputation-centered social network products like LinkedIn, Facebook, ResearchGate, etc. These create a perverse incentive to expose more of myself and my social network than I like to do, from both a privacy and time economy perspective, and as a teacher teaching about information value and privacy I feel that I should set an example for others. Other profiles of me found on the Internet are typically not actively managed by me, usually never were, and are often incomplete and sometimes incorrect, for instance by confusing my work with that of others. I spend minimal effort on keeping track of my publications (for internal reporting purposes) or citations; The academic world has established, fairly effective, mechanisms for tracing publications, and I do not need to do that.


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Best Problem Analysis Paper Award (EKAW 2010: Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses, Lisbon, Portugal, 11 Oct 2010).

Best Paper Award (JURIX 2014: the twenty-seventh annual conference, Kraków, 11 Dec 2014)

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Alexander W.F. Boer (1973) is principal researcher at the University of Amsterdam’s Leibniz Center for Law, where he works on automated legal reasoning and legal knowledge management. He has been working for the Leibniz Center for Law on various research projects and consultancy activities for governmental organizations since 1998. His main research interests are a) legal decision support systems for public administration; b) governance, the legislative drafting process, and policy impact analysis; and c) digital forensics, fraud monitoring, and law enforcement as model-based diagnostic problems.

He received his PhD in Computational Legal Theory from the faculty of law, and his master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the same university.

Alexander has a special interest in open standards for legal information, as (the former absence of) these play a fundamental role in legal knowledge management research. He is a former chairman of the CEN/ISSS MetaLex workshop’s technical committee and final editor of the CEN MetaLex (an open XML interchange format for legal and legislative resources) standard specifications. He worked on the Legal Knowledge Interchange format (LKIF), and on Juriconnect in the Netherlands.

Alexander has taught courses on rules & governance, expert systems and knowledge engineering, modeling & design for information scientists, research methods for information scientists, Business-IT alignment, requirements engineering, and organization analysis at the University of Amsterdam.

Alexander has been involved in research projects with partners from public administration, insurance and banking, manufacturing, etc, and has experience managing small teams.

Marital status

Married, two children (2006 and 2009).

Not published elsewhere

Legislation as Linked Open Data: Lessons from MetaLex XML (2012)

Institutional Metaphors for Designing Large-Scale Distributed AI versus AI Techniques for Running Institutions (2018)

Final report of the Agile project (2013), a project dealing with business process design for operational agility and compliance