April 20th, 2007

UvA LogoWelcome to the pages of the Leibniz Center for Law of the University of Amsterdam. As an interdisciplinary research group, we develop intelligent technology to support legal practice both in the private and in the public sector. We apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to problems in legal theory, legal knowledge management and the field of Law in general. In this capacity, we participate in many (inter)national research initiatives and maintain strong ties to the international research community and government agencies.

We have longstanding experience in the development of legal ontologies, automatic legal reasoning and legal knowledge-based systems, (standard) languages for representing legal knowledge and information, user-friendly disclosure of legal data, and the application of information technology in education and legal practice. As an academic partner, the Leibniz Center provides advice on change-management issues of knowledge-intensive legal processes and the improvement of knowledge-productivity in legal organisations.

The Leibniz Center for Law has its roots in the former department of Computer Science & Law (est. 1989) of the Law Faculty of the University of Amsterdam, and currently houses about 15 researchers.

For more background on the Leibniz Center, see our general information pages, and have a look at current projects. Students interested in our work may have a look on current research proposals for Bachelor/Master theses.

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