BSIK project : Geogov

December 13th, 2006


Leibniz participates in the Bsik “Ruimte voor geo” Geogov project. Together with the Universities of Tilburg , EUR center of Public innovation and the eGov consultancy company Zenc, the Leibniz center investigates the consequences for public administration of standardization and digitalization in the Spatial area of local government in the Netherlands. The research has a long history starting with the Addwijzer project at the Province of Zuid Holland. This project resulted in the first Legal Atlas. When Tom van Engers met with Rob Peters the groundworks for the second Legal Atlas became clear: combine the geographic interface with updateable and maintainable regulations and the general public may have a new search tool for National law, local regulations and related documents. In Geogov we are investigating the use and impact on local public administration of Google Earth as interface for RDF-OWL based ordinances created in the Metalex XML editor for legislation. Leibniz organized a very successful launcing conference at HollandOpen with Chikai Ohazama , the builder of Google Earth and the Dutch GIS world involved in Ruimte voor Geo. A part of the research is the current quality control system of local law. Geogov will end at the end of 2008.

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