LRICore Ontology

January 1st, 2005

LRI-Core is a core ontology that covers the main concepts that are common to all legal domains. These domains have a predominant common-sense character – the law is (still) for the people – and typical legal concepts such as norm, role, responsibility, contract, etc. have a grounding in abstract common-sense conceptualizations. This common sense grounding is lacking in various upper- or foundational ontologies developed thus far, cf. Dolce (, SUO (, John Sowa (’s ontology.

One of the most important design principles that follows from the common-sense stance in developing the LRI-Core is cognitive plausibility. From this perspective, knowledge about the physical world, with the central notions of object and process is taken as a basis for a mental and abstract worlds. The intentional stance that differentiates the physical world from the mental world is also the basis for the creation of a behavioural world of roles. In summary, LRI-Core starts with four main categories: physical concepts, mental concepts, roles, and abstract concepts. A fifth category consists of terms for occurrences, which are used to talk about instances (situations) in a generic way.

The LRICore ontology effort has been moved to the LKIF Core ontology developed within the ESTRELLA project.

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