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February 18th, 2008

The AGILE projectAdvanced Governance of Information services through Legal Engineering – is targeted at the development of a design method, distributed service architecture and support tools that enable organisations to better govern their legislation and regulation based information services within in a networked environment.

Legal pluralism, the need for integrated services and specific requirements for a knowledge representation suited for expressing legal knowledge and legal reasoning demand a specific service architecture. The project will use knowledge representation technologies developed within the semantic web community as a starting point, and extends those with elements specific for the legal domain. Furthermore, based on complex-adaptive systems theory it will develop a service design and modelling method which will help organisations to horizontally adapt to new or changing laws. This method takes the inherent unpredictability and existing situation blocking adaptation into account.

The NWO grant covers two AiO positions and one post-doc. AGILE is a co-operation between the Leibniz Center for Law and the Technical University Delft, O&i Management Partners, Be Informed and the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

October 23rd 2008 the official kick-off happened at the IND premises in Rijswijk.

At the LAC conference in Nieuwegein NWO showed a movie about the six new Jacquard projects. The part containing AGILE can be viewed online at:

April 24 2009 the second official AGILE user meeting took place, again at the IND premises in Rijswijk.

December 11 2009, AGILE was presented at the NWO Jacquard day in Utrecht.

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