April 11th, 2007

Seal SealLegislation drafting is a complex process that takes place in a political and dynamic environment usually involving many stakeholders. Since a new or adapted piece of law often is connected to existing laws the drafters and other stakeholders should be aware of relationships between the law under construction and those existing legal sources. Legal drafting practice has learned that legal quality can benefit from the use of specific legal drafting patterns.
In the SEAL project we have provided the stakeholders involved in legislation drafting with a supporting environment that enables easy construction of legal drafts using drafting patterns and creation of connections from and to existing legal sources. The infrastructure contains a repository with existing laws, draft versions and amendments and offer easy to use access methods.

The SEAL environment is based upon open standards and improves exchange between the European legislative processes and national and municipal legislative processes. It also allows for citizen consultation processes.

The project included three parliaments. Within the SEAL project, three editors have been tested, refined and implemented in cooperation with the parliaments and legislation drafters during the project.

D1.4 Plan for the Pilots
D1.5 Initial Succes Criteria
D2.1 Requirements drafter environment
D3.3 Test Report
D4.5 Final Report

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