Legal Resources from Text to Rules
Jointly with JURIX2012 conference 
at 20 December 2012 in Amsterdam.
Proponents: Monica Palmirani, Fabio Vitali, Enrico Francesconi, Tom van Engers, Radboud Winkels
Important dates:
Deadline for abstracts (not more than 1000 words) : Monday Nov. 26, 2012
Notification of acceptance: Friday Nov. 30, 2012
The abstracts (of no more than 1000 words) should be submitted via EasyChair, 
Keynote speaker: Claudio Fabiani, European Parliament
Call for Papers: 
The time is ripe for investigating the connections between the representation of legal XML texts and their formalization as legal rules. 
For years these two communities have pursued their goals separately, but now emerging XML-based standards oriented both to legal documents 
(Akoma Ntoso, CEN Metalex, national XML standards, etc.) and to legal rules (LKIF, RuleML, RIF, SWRL, LegalRuleML, etc.) 
justify the possibility to combine techniques and foster their concrete application in the society (compliance, eGov services, 
legislative drafting, policy making applications, digital legal libraries, etc.).
This workshop aims to examine the relationship between legal computable ontologies as bridges from legal concepts and their 
legal texts and legal rules (predicates). Hybrid platform where ontologies are used to support legal reasoning and to create bidirectional 
dialogues with legal knowledge bases are part within the workshop scope. 
Questions we will try to address:
         Are the statuses of legal XML standards fixed? What are the next steps?
         Are legal rules autonomous or they need to link their evidences to the text for support?
         Are multiple interpretations of a legal text possible without affecting its representations as legal XML documents?
         What are the roles of the legal ontologies and of semantic web (especially Linked Data) technologies in this scenario?
Selected papers will be published in the AICOL IV volume by the end of 2013, after a double peer-review process. 
Abstracts selected for this workshop will expand into full papers (10 pages Springer style) by March 2013 to undergo a first round of reviews.
At least one author for every accepted paper needs to register at the conference website,