o Radboud Winkels
o A short CV
o Current Projects
   o Legal Network Analysis
   o Natural Language Processing
   o Maps
   o Legal Ontologies
   o Other projects
   o Old Projects
o Selected Publications
o Ondernemingsraad Rechten
  o Actie 24 februari 2005
o Centrale Ondernemingsraad UvA

Current Events:

o ICAIL 2015
    o First Workshop on Law and Big Data
o Atelier ComplexitÚ et Politiques Publiques, 2e ╔dition
o IRIS 2015
o JURIX 2015


o My Courses at the Computer Science Faculty (in Dutch) and Forensic Science
o Consumenten en e-handel (in Dutch)
o Other courses

Past Events:

o JURIX 2014
    o 2nd International Workshop on Network Analysis in Law

o IRIS 2014
o ICAIL 2013
    o My Presidential Address
    o Workshop Network Analysis in Law
o JURIX 2013
o IRIS 2013
o JURIX 2012
o International workshop: Identifying benefits deriving from the adoption of XML-based chains for drafting legislation
o AICOL 2011
o EGOV 2011
o JURIX 2011
o ICAIL 2011
o LOAIT 2010
o Lex Summer School 2010
o JURIX 2009
o ICAIL 2009
o IRIS 2009
o Workshop on Approaches to Legal Ontologies
o XML Holland 2008: Semantiek en Interoperabiliteit
o ICT for Justice
o 2008 e-Justice and e-Law Conference
    o CEN/MetaLex workshop
o Regulations Modelling and Deployment
o 7th European Business Rules Conference
o Workshop on Standards for Legislative XML
o Legislative XML Summer School
o JURIX 2008
   o Legislative XML workshop: Law and the Semantic Web
o ICAIL 2007
    o LOAIT workshop
    o SW4Law workshop
o IRIS 2008
o African Legal Resources: Challenges and Opportunities of Legsilative Informatics
o EGOV 2007
o JURIX 2007
   o Standards for Legislative XML
   o 5th Legislative XML Workshop
o Graphic and Visual Representations of Evidence and Inference in Legal Settings
o 3rd CEN/ISS workshop on an Open XML interchange format for legal sources
o JURIX 2006
o International Conference on Business, Law and Technology Issues (IBLT)
o JURIX 2005
o ICAIL 2005
o AI in Education 2005
o Special issue of ILE on Qualitative Reasoning

Last update: December 2 2014

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